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Mouton Noir Wines

Mouton Noir is a two-fold lifestyle project producing both a T-Shirt line and Oregon wines.  Founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, both ends of Mouton Noir incorporate a trademark attitude and personal perspective on wine subculture.  The wines are unique and distinctive garage wines, initially created for some of the New York's best restaurants for whom Mack was a sommelier and now available nationwide.  Mouton Noir apparel is inspired by WINE LIFESTYLE/STREET CULTURE of skateboarding,  punk, and hip-hop cultures. The design is also reminiscent of independent skateboard company apparel of the 1990s.

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Mai Lee Restaurant

As St. Louis' first Vietnamese restaurant, Mai Lee's place in culinary history is guaranteed. Mai Lee, helmed by Lee Tran and her son Qui, has thrived in its 30+ years, its dining room seemingly packed at every lunch and dinner. The menu is massive — more than 200 dishes. Order any of them with confidence, from simple goi cuon (fresh summer rolls) to exotic ech xao lan (a stir-fry with lemongrass, curry and frogs' legs). For those who prefer to stick to the tried-and-true, Mai Lee's renditions of the most popular Vietnamese dishes won't disappoint: the pho is outstanding, the rice noodles that give the soup its name swimming in a lovely and complex beef broth; and the banh mi will turn you off ordinary American sandwiches for life. You might not be related to the Lees, but they'll become like your family in one respect: You'll follow them anywhere.

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StilL 630 Distillery

StilL 630 is different. It is not just some assembly line churning out product.  They are different because they are passionate.  They are different because they are bold and committed.  To put it simply, they are different because they are the best.  StilL 630 whiskey, bourbon, and rum are flavorful, well-balanced, and extremely high quality.  The distillery works and plays by their own rules because life is too short to do things any other way. They also know that the best things in life take time. That’s why they personally and patiently hand-craft their spirits and age them in a variety of wooden barrels. They know that being the best means using the best and using as many of the best organic, local ingredients as possible. They believe in pushing conventional boundaries. They are constantly experimenting with unique distillation processes. Rather than use the most common distillation process, they use the old-world method of double distillation to capture more flavors. 

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The Libertine

Helmed by proprietors Nick & Audra Luedde The Libertine is a re-imagined neighborhood eatery that serves decadent yet ingredient driven food to the surrounding community and beyond. Chef Matt Bessler backed by  an All-Star culinary team displays his culinary acumen with offerings dedicated to the bounty available to him throughout the Midwest  — Bread is baked daily, desserts are homemade and there are always new and rousing creations on the menu. 

The wine list features a diverse selection of small production & boutique wines with an emphasis on sustainable & bio-dynamic farming practices. With creativity, quality and affordability as hallmarks, the ever changing wine list is a proverbial playground for the novice and the expert alike. At The Libertine beer receives its respect due. The team at the Libertine have selected a myriad of seasonally changing unique craft ales and brews representing different brewing styles from St. Louis and the globe over. At The Libertine, a brew isn’t just a brew, it’s an experience.

The cocktail menu at The Libertine returns one back to the very roots of what it once meant to enjoy a truly great drink. With an extensive & meticulously stocked bar, The Libertine’s offerings are anything but typical. Barkeep extraordinaire Ben Bauer has crafted a menu comprised of modernized parlor cocktails prepared completely from scratch. Taking pride in the creation of a cocktail menu filled with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, housemade cordials, bitters, and tinctures, and freshly squeezed nectars all prepared with the whimsy and precision required to hearken one back to those times of yesteryear when merrymaking was more than just a drink, it was an art form.