the first drink of the night.
It is over these long-awaited, 
often late night, beverages 
that a collaborative dialogue takes place, 
and the food and drink culture takes shape.
Passion is shared. Stories are told.
Creativity is fostered. Ideas are born.
Relationships are made and a community is built.
With each sip, the industry continues to grow.

The podcast will be our most prominent piece of this venture to start. Through it, we explore every avenue of the industry – food, drink, service, hospitality, passion.

We know the idea of the “shift drink” all too well. It’s that long-awaited beverage at the end of what is a usually long and hectic day of pushing out our most creative, most personable, most flavorful parts of ourselves to represent the passion for what we do. Over these boozy refreshments, industry employees discuss the events of the day, the ups and owns, the trials and triumphs, the learning opportunities and the new ideas born.

 We not only become closer to the people we are working with, but we also trade war stories, give opinions on current trends, discuss the food/drinks/work that others are doing that inspire us, brainstorm new dishes and drinks, rehash Yelp reviews, tell bad jokes, and so forth.

These moments are what build our community, whether it is just specific to the culture of your restaurant, or the industry as a whole, nothing moves us forward or pushes us harder than the collaborative dialogue that occurs late at night over these glasses of our favorite libations.

We now bring that never-ending conversation to life. Our “round table” of Cork Dorks with Forks will sit down with industry professionals of every realm over THEIR preferred “shift drink” and get a direct peek into their world – not only how they got here and where they are going, but we will tap into their expertise on topics that will interest and educate fellow professionals, as well as enthusiasts and those novices first dipping their toe into our world.

With our unique “morning show” style platform, we give listeners invaluable insight into the minds and mouths of the chefs, restaurateurs, brewers, distillers, artisans, bartenders, sommeliers, and other noteworthy people who make this inimitable world of food, drink, and hospitality what it is and keep it moving forward.  We will introduce new people, new ideas, and new products, while continuing to learn about the history of the business and why we do what we do how we do it.

Our approach will be rooted in creating a balance between entertainment and education.

Our conversations will be insightful and informative while highlighting the interesting, fun personalities. The podcast will be mostly recorded in Saint Louis, but our guests will extend to local, regional, national, and international. Additionally, our content will range from broad nature concepts to specific styles and techniques and will be accessible to (and listenable for) professionals and enthusiasts from all cities and specialties.