Welcome to Cork Dorks with Forks

serving you a dose of our 
unquenchable fervor for all things 
food, drink, and hospitality

There is only one thing that truly 
awakens all five senses, and it happens 
every single day - at the table.

Eating and drinking evokes physical, 
mental, and emotional responses. It is 
not only a necessity of life, but it is most 
often the driving force behind our social 
and professional interactions.

 It is rooted in sharing. 
It is part of family. 
It brings together friends.

The world of food, beverage, 
and hospitality is vast, ever-growing 
and ever-changing, as new flair and 
flavors are thrown into the mix daily. 

Cork Dorks with Forks strives for you 
to devour and digest the information 
like never before. 

Through the use of our podcast, website, 
video series, infographics, photos, 
and live social media posts, we 
decipher the jargon, show you the ropes, 
and take you behind-the-scenes into 
an impassioned field unlike any other.

You will join us at our "table" with 
other professionals in the field 
who are ignited by the fire within.

Food and drink tell a story.
Everything we taste, see, and experience
is a piece of someone’s story.
We use it to tell our stories.
It helps you tell your story.

Through this collaboration of stories, 
we will bring you into our world 
and give you the utensils to create 
your own menu of experience, 
one course at a time.

We are students teaching students, 
experts teaching experts.

Whether we are helping to 
jumpstart your journey to epicureanism 
or to finely tune an 
already ardent understanding, 
we will cultivate your crop of knowledge 
of the culinary and libational world that 
inevitably brings us all together.

 Now pull up a seat and let’s get started….