Angela Ortmann
Epicurean. Oenophile. Entrepreneur.
Sommelier. Writer. Bon Vivant.
Social Media Maven. Clever Consultant.
Event-er Extraordinaire. Creator of Connoisseurs.

For two decades, Angela Ortmann has been cultivating her passion for all things food and drink. Through every facet of the hospitality industry, she procured and honed her professional service skills while continuing to grow from every opportunity. Her training and experience are rooted in both front- and back-of-the-house positions in the top restaurants and luxury hotels of San Francisco, New York, and Saint Louis, and in pursuit of continual education at wineries, breweries, organic farms, and creameries around the country.

Building from her outgoing personality and entrepreneurial spirit, Ortmann combined her energetic virtuosity, imaginative ingenuity, and penchant for writing to create and manage a thriving food/wine event and consultation brand, STLwinegirl, dedicated to furthering everyone’s love affair with the edible, drinkable that world she calls home.


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Chris Ladley

Chris Ladley is a St. Louis native, attended Chaminade College Prep, and has a life long passion for food.  Chris spent time going to school and cooking in France, and has helmed some of the best kitchens in St. Louis.  Ladley, as he in more commonly known, prefers to eat with his hands, loves offal, and will never turn down a frosty Busch beer.


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Matt Seiter

Who is this dude?
I am Matt Seiter. I’ve been a professional bartender for about a decade. Not only do I sling drinks, but I also write. I have been writing my own column in Feast Magazine, a Midwest regional publication, since 2011. I’m the author of The Dive Bar of Cocktail Bars, a cocktail recipe and how-to book based on my time running the bar program at Sanctuaria in St. Louis, MO, as well as the Deckopedia Mixology 101 cocktail card deck. I also travel around the country leading seminars on aspects of the bartending world.

What credentials do you have?
I am a graduate of the Academy of Spirits – Chicago and I am one of fourteen people in the nation to have earned the title Advanced Bartender through the certification program designed by the United States Bartenders’ Guild. My bar program at Sanctuaria has been nominated at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards (the “Oscars” of the bar world) for World’s Best Cocktail Menu (2011) and World’s Best Drinks Selection (2012) and my book, The Dive Bar of Cocktail Bars, was nominated for Best New Cocktail Book (2013). I have taught seminars on various industry related topics at multiple national industry conventions. In addition, I was a certified high school teacher with two degrees from the University of Missouiri – St. Louis – Bachelor of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History.

When and Where have you bartended?
I started my bartending career at a catering company in St. Louis, Patty Long Catering, in 2004. I worked various gigs here and there but didn’t start bartending full time until 2007 at Villa Farrotto in Chesterfield, MO. By 2008, I was running the bar program at In Fine Spirits in Chicago. Mid-2009 found me back in St. Louis where I started the St. Louis chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild and opened Sanctuaria as their bar manager. Currently, I work with my wife’s family at their restaurants, BC’s Kitchen and Cardwell’s in the Plaza, operated by father-in-law, Chef Bill Cardwell. 

Why do you do what you do and How do you do it?
I’ve been in the restaurant industry for twenty years. I started in the kitchen and worked my way out to the bar. It’s a fun business that doesn’t really feel like work most of the time. My grandfather taught me to find a job you like and you’ll never work another day. I’ve found that. How do I do what I do? I read a lot, too much sometimes. And then I teach people what I learn. 


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Holly Nickels Fann

After studying fiction writing at The University of Missouri Columbia, Holly attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Holly has cooked at numerous restaurants in NYC and St. Louis and served as a culinary educator for an accredited St. Louis Culinary School for several years specializing in food science and food writing.  Since leaving the kitchen to write full time she has authored food essays, reviews and interviews for local as well as national food publications and sites.  Her new site,, focuses on profiles and interviews of St. Louis' culinary community as well as food essays. You can read some of her pieces published by The Riverfront Times, Sauce Magazine, and and visit her food writing site,


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Spencer Pernikoff

Spencer Pernikoff is a food and beverage photographer, currently based in St. Louis, MO. He's always had a passion for food, but it wasn't until moving to Singapore in 2011 that it kicked into overdrive. After three years of obsessively reading food blogs and exploring the greatest food cities in Asia, he decided to start his own, Whiskey & Soba

Spencer's photos and writing have been featured in Sauce Magazine, Feast Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, Riverfront Times, Alive Magazine, Gazelle Magazine, Elle Decor, Flipboard, Gear Patrol, Fodors, Eater, Munchies and Bon Appetit. 


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Marianne Moore

Chef Marianne Moore's path into the kitchen wasn't exactly straight. While on a sabbatical from her interior-design career, Moore was recruited to attend a "just for fun" culinary class with a friend, only to walk out with a new calling. Now, with a resume that includes stints at some of the city's most upscale hotels, including the Four Seasons, Moore is putting her mark on the Saint Louis culinary scene as the Culinary Creative Director for the Dierbergs culinary program. There, she oversees the market's six in-store cooking schools by designing menus, creating recipes and inspiring others to take the leap into the kitchen like she did.  Moore also serves as the co-host of the popular local cooking show “Everybody Cooks."

As the daughter of a butcher, Marianne’s been known to bring home a pig from one of her favorite farmers for she and her dad to break down in her kitchen.  

"Empowering people to go forth and cook is something I try to do every day. Food to me is fundamental. Food brings people together, comforts, and heals. More importantly, I’m passionate that people really think  about where their food comes from. I feel, given my role as creative director and educator – I have an opportunity to really have an impact on peoples thinking.  I take the responsibility very seriously. I want more people to understand, love and embrace their kitchen. My goal is to inspire people to find the best ingredients possible, treat them with love and respect, and put something special on their plate."


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Benjamin Bauer

Ben will update his bio when he sobers up.

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